Detroit Policy Conference

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  • Full Video: M. Roy Wilson Keynote

    The social mobility made possible by a college education is the key to a strong middle class, and the gateway to the American dream. That point was emphasized by Dr. M. Roy Wilson during his keynote address at the Conference.

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  • Full Video: Startgrid Detroit

    Entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas abound in Southeast Michigan, and Startgrid is a free online community where they can build a circle of friends, mentors and industry experts to answer their questions and steer them in the right direction.

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  • Full Video: Thomas Sugrue Keynote

    To come up with proper solutions for the Detroit’s course of action into the future, it is imperative that the origins of the city’s current status are properly understood. Thomas Sugrue, David Boies professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, made that point to the audience as he delved into the historical circumstances that eventually led to Detroit’s bankruptcy.

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