Keep the Focus on Education

Page 12 By Joseph Welch 2013 Conference Chair calls for continued education reform   Congratulations to the Detroit Regional Chamber and all the dedicated people who worked so hard to put together another promising Conference this year. Under the leadership …

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Rebuilding Clout

Page 68-69

The state’s congressionals look to rebuild influence after the retirement of four heavy hitters.

Michigan will see a deep reservoir of congressional seniority and experience evaporate come January with a raft of retirements.

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Legendary Leadership

Page 67

A special tribute to Senator Carl Levin and Congressman John Dingell

Congressman Dingell has ‘left everything on the  floor’ of the House – a giant player in the game of politics, yes, but more giant still in the fight for real people. He has a heart the size of a barn, and a mind as quick as a jackrabbit. They broke the mold with John Dingell.

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My Friend, Carl Levin

Page 66 To put it bluntly, I could not have served the people of Southeast Michigan for all these years without the companionship and help of my dear friend and colleague, Sen. Carl Levin. Dating back decades, the close relationship …

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Future Fortunes

Nina Easton is Fortune magazine’s Washington columnist and senior editor.  With a readership of more than five million, she covers politics and economics, and is also a panelist on “Fox News Sunday” and Fox’s “Special Report.”  She is the author …

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The Journey Ahead

I see and hear it as I travel across Michigan, from Detroit to Houghton-Hancock and from Imlay City to Ludington. We are, unquestionably, the comeback state. I see it in the strength of our manufacturing as our industries are roaring …

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Building a Better Detroit

A new era of cooperation is moving Detroit forward. Page 50 By Mike Duggan Partnership and progress. As much as any others, those two words characterize the city of Detroit right now. Even with the backdrop of bankruptcy, Detroiters are …

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Bankruptcy and Beyond

Detroit’s emergency manager shares his insight on the future of Detroit Page 48-49 Kevyn Orr has been the emergency manager of Detroit since he was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder in March 2013. Along with the duty of overseeing Detroit’s …

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Michigan’s Center Stage

Welcome to Michigan’s Center Stage. For the 34th year, the Detroit Regional Chamber is proud to present the Mackinac Policy Conference. About five years ago, the Chamber decided to shake things up. Leadership lifted the veil, opening the Conference up …

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The Importance of Failure

Pages 24-25 As entrepreneurship is increasingly looked to as a tool for economic development, the question for Detroit is how best to support the efforts of individuals to innovate while also ensuring a support network exists to nurture their efforts. …

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