Celebrating Detroit Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Huffington Post Detroit: November 25, 2014

It’s been two years since the Detroit Regional Chamber first offered to pay for the first two years of college for any Detroit resident who graduated from any Detroit high school. Thousands of students have taken advantage of this incredible opportunity, but thousands more could. Let’s hope the Chamber keeps this program alive, and that every Detroit student that wants technical training or a college education applies to the program.

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November 18: Advocacy Team Active in Solution to Fix Michigan Roads; Ford Motor Co. Vice President to Highlight Michigan Supply Base at MICHauto Annual Meeting

The Detroit Regional Chamber applauds the Michigan Senate for taking a critical step to address Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. The Senate voted 24-13 last week to modify how gas taxes are calculated in order to raise at least $1 billion to fix state roads and make strategic infrastructure investments.

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Detroit breaks new ground in bankruptcy settlements

Reuters: November 7, 2014

Sandy Baruah, chief executive officer of the Detroit Regional Chamber, lauded the approach. “The ability to use some physical assets to help resolve objections got us to the point where the bankruptcy process could be executed sooner and with less hysterics and a higher level of agreement than we expected a year ago,” Baruah said.

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For investors and travelers, it’s a whole new Detroit

Detroit Free Press: November 9, 2014

Detroit is shaping up to be a destination, a good investment and a growth opportunity in the eyes of the world. What a difference a quick trip through bankruptcy can make. Outsiders are booking conventions, moving businesses downtown, buying bonds and looking to make money by investing in a city expected to grow faster than the U.S. gross domestic product annual growth rate of 2%.

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