The New Detroit Era

Page 6

For the past few years, the North American International Auto Show has flashed a spotlight on Detroit for a global audience. In years past, there has been an underlying question: Is Detroit’s and its automotive industry’s recovery for real?

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The Ford Way

Page 10 – 13

Mark Fields, 53, is the CEO of Ford Motor Company. A 25-year Ford veteran, Fields succeeded Alan Mulally, the former Boeing executive who led Ford through one of its most difficult periods.

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Pushing Boundaries

Pages 16-17

Since 2005, 18 BorgWarner innovations have been named finalists for the prestigious Automotive News PACE Awards. What’s the key to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation?

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Don’t Forget the Little Guy

Pages 18-19

By James Martinez

At 6 feet 5 inches, Vince Henderson typically towers over most others in the room. Ironically, his 90-employee company AMI Manchester Stamping, located about 30 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, is a small supplier sometimes lost in the shadows of the automotive giants that call Michigan home.

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A Catalyst for Growth

Pages 22-23

By Melissa Anders

Nigel Francis and Kevin Kerrigan have been busy the last 14 months. In just over a year, Francis, Kerrigan and their colleagues have engaged with more than 20,000 automotive executives from around the world in an effort to solidify and expand Michigan’s role as the worldwide automotive leader.

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Michigan and Intelligent Mobility

Pages 24-26

By Melissa Anders

Southeast Michigan shone under the spotlight as thousands of automotive and technology leaders from more than 65 countries converged on Detroit this past fall for the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Long recognized as the traditional manufacturing hub of the American automobile industry, Michigan is poised to also be the epicenter of intelligent mobility and connected vehicle technology.

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Non-Traditional Talent

Pages 30-31

By Jacquie Goetz Bluethmann

A lifelong car enthusiast, Kyle Entsminger is happy to be back in the automotive capital of the world working in the industry and making use of the talents he honed in very different industries in cities far from home.

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Supplying Talent

Pages 32-33

By Noah Purcell

Two-thirds of the value of today’s automobile — the innovations, parts and technology — come from suppliers. That kind of production requires top tier talent and makes maintaining a sustainable pipeline of highly skilled workers and talent attraction a top priority for Michigan’s hundreds of suppliers.

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