Maureen Krauss Discusses Regional Collaboration on Michigan Business Network

Michigan Business Network: April 21, 2015

Detroit Regional Chamber Vice President Maureen Krauss was on Michigan Business Beat with Chris Holman to discuss the signing of a new regional economic development protocol among the Chamber’s 11 county partners. The protocol, which promotes increased collaboration, is a key step in attracting more investment and jobs to the Detroit region.

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‘Battle for Talent Is Global’: Rust Belt Seeks Visa Reform

NBC News: April 15, 2015

“It’s a significant issue to the Midwest, especially older urban areas,” Ed Wolking, Jr., Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition representative, said at a Michigan event. “We face the ‘silver tsunami’ more than other regions that deal with out-migration and we need talent in the worst worst way. We hear it especially from the automotive sector.”

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Businesses may think twice about locating along Michigan’s bad roads

MLive: April 7, 2015

Brad Williams, Vice President of Government Relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, said there was a businesses case to be made for passing Proposal 1 and fixing MIchigan’s roads. “There are a lot of things that we can’t control. We can’t control that Michigan’s a cold weather state, right? But we can control whether we have access to basic safe and efficient infrastructure,” Williams said.

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Snyder: Medicaid expansion reaches 600,000 residents

The Detroit News: March 31, 2015

Detroit — On the eve of the first anniversary of the Healthy Michigan Plan, Gov. Rick Snyder said Tuesday more than 603,000 Michiganians have enrolled since the expanded Medicaid Program launched on April 1, 2014. Snyder announced the new total during remarks at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2015 Health Care Leaders Forum.

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