Takeaways from the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference

Michigan Business Network: June 8, 2015

While coordinating 1500 attendees and dozens of speakers from around the nation for the Mackinac Policy Conference isn’t always easy, it’s worth the impact it drives for Michigan. Speaking with Chris Holman of Michigan Business Network, Chamber COO Tammy Carnrike discussed the extensive planning and work that goes into each Conference and how the event provides a forum for tackling some of state’s biggest policy issues.

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Detroit and “Up North” Closer Than You Think!

Dome Magazine: June 5, 2015

While the population numbers between rural northern Michigan and the Detroit region are at opposite ends of the spectrum, there are a lot of synergies that could be created to achieve upward mobility and economic growth in Michigan. Each region desperately needs stakeholder collaboration, big picture thinking, more financial resources and very strong leadership to get the job done.

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