Economic Inclusion Must Top Priority List

The Detroit News: Oct. 29, 2015

The national discussion on racial and economic equity that has grown in intensity over the last year resonates with leaders in Detroit, the region and our state. As a new era of economic growth is defined, we should consider also addressing the breadth of economic opportunity in a unified manner,

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AutoSummit: A High-Tech Future For Michigan’s Legacy Industry

Tech Century: September 30, 2015

There’s no doubt about the high-tech future of the auto industry, according to the 2015 MichAuto Summit, held Wednesday at Detroit’s Cobo Center. Production components built by 3D printers. Increasing autonomy of cars that help the driver stay out of accidents. Advanced powertrains involving electricity and hydrogen. All were on the agenda before a packed house of hundreds of attendees.

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Michigan is Auto, and MICHauto Aims to Keep it That Way

MLive: September 30, 2015

Michigan is home to a quarter of all U.S. automotive assembly plants. The state has the highest concentration of engineering and architecture talent in the country. Last year, the number of vehicles produced in Michigan hit 2.34 million units, easily eclipsing the next state’s total output of about 800,000 cars and trucks. In short, Michigan is auto.

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