Limited Internet Access, Digital Illiteracy Challenges Neighborhood Growth

Roughly 60 percent of households in Detroit do not have access to broadband Internet connectivity, according to the 2013 Census report. In addressing this issue, panelists in the “Combating the Digital Divide: Detroit Disconnected” session said for many living in the city’s neighborhoods, escaping poverty is increasingly out of reach as Internet connectivity remains a necessary platform for job hunting and furthering education.

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Detroit’s Revitalization Hinges on Education Reform, School Accountability

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Lack of reliable transportation. No accountability. Burgeoning debt. These are just a few of the issues parents are forced to deal with on a daily basis when it comes to Detroit’s complex education system, according to parent Arlyssa Heard, education organizer for 482Forward. Heard, who removed her son from DPS and enrolled him in a charter school further from her house due to classroom overcrowding, said parents are fed up with lack of oversight.

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DPD’s Green Light Program Helping Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods

A pilot initiative aimed at curbing violent crimes throughout the city is seeing positive results thanks to the hard work of neighborhood business owners and city government leaders. The Detroit Police Department’s Green Light program partners with eight gas stations in strategic neighborhoods and uses high-resolution cameras and bright lighting to capture clear images of license plates and alleged criminal activity which can then be sent electronically to police patrol cars.

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