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  • Young professionals paving the way for other young professionals

    While in school at Bowling Green State University, Brittany Mobley fell in love with public relations after watching The Devil Wears Prada, a movie about a recent college grad who lands a job at a high-end fashion magazine as a personal assistant. Brittany was intrigued with the work the actors did to promote their company and thought being a publicist might be her calling.

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  • So, You Think You’re Ready for College?

    I had been preparing for college my whole life, but I still felt unprepared when I got there. The two most important members of my family, my mother and my grandmother, both have their associate degrees but, unfortunately, sharing their college experience with me didn’t prepare me for mine.

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  • Jumping Through the Hoops of Higher Education

    I’m Afrkah Cooper, a senior at Wayne State University (WSU) working as a communications intern with the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Detroit Drives Degrees initiative. In our work, we do a lot of research on student access to higher education, graduation rates and talent retention. Sometimes it’s hard to see people through these numbers. One of my goals as an intern is to help share stories of students, which we’ll do in a blog series called “Student Voices.” To get the conversation started, this blog shares a bit about me and my journey through higher education.

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  • Keep Talent Here: What happens After 5?

    After talking with more than 500 young people in Southeast Michigan through our talent survey and focus groups (get some background on the project here), we learned that helping people find their “after 5” community was the best way help them feel connected to Southeast Michigan.

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