A “Perfect Storm” of Pre-Election Uncertainty Along the U.S.-Canada Border

Oct. 22-National Observer

Throw in a contentious presidential election where not just trade policy but the science underpinning the response to the pandemic is being debated, and all of a sudden, a lot seems to be in limbo.
“Pretty much all we have right now in every aspect of our lives is uncertainty,” said Sandy Baruah, the president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber.

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Watch LIVE: Mayor Duggan speaks on plans for Detroit at Mackinac Policy Conversations

October 14-The Detroit News

Mayor Mike Duggan is expected to speak on Detroit on Wednesday during the virtual and televised Mackinac Policy Conversations. The Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conversations “Respond and Rebuild,” was created in partnership with Detroit Public TV. The conversations replace the Mackinac Policy Conference, which had to be canceled this year because of the health crisis.

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Michigan’s Economy Could Take a Beating After Ruling Against Whitmer’s COVID-19 Orders

October 12-Michigan Advance

Now that the state Supreme Court has struck down a 1945 law that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer repeatedly used to issue executive orders in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus, where is Michigan’s economy headed?
Some might argue that the state’s economy, which has regained 593,100 jobs since April’s employment collapse, could boom as businesses and consumers return to some semblance of pre-pandemic behavior.
But there’s a big risk that widespread unemployment could return if the state ends COVID-related restrictions in the belief that the deadly virus is no longer much of a threat to public health.
And that could be where we’re headed.

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Point of View

“I am part of a conservative caucus that has shown remarkable support for reforms to the criminal justice system. These changes have led to more individual freedoms, more opportunities for Michiganders who have been through the justice system, and a more proportionate, balanced set of laws.” ,  Graham Filler, Representative.

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