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AIREA: Return to Work(place) Office Design and Guides

May 13, 2020

Return to Work(place)

Over the last few months, the AIREA has been studying “Back to the Workplace” trends and ideas from many of the top thought leaders from around the globe. There are many diverse concepts and solutions that are being considered and there is no “one size fits all” answer.

6 Design Implications for Tomorrow’s Work Environment

Many companies migrated to an open office plan for enhanced collaboration, and to spark innovation through teamwork. The COVID-9 outbreak has challenged us to develop workspaces that limit physical interaction while maintaining employee production, as well as company cultures and values.

In addition to a workplace assessment and design applications, AIREA has a list of services to help you with your transition plan for returning to your workplace.
  • Communicating the change
  • Clean and disinfecting guide
  • collaborative technology
  • clean and safe installation
  • COVID product offering
  • Finance and budgeting

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