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Big Results

Botsford Hospital makes a sizeable impact on the health care industry

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Founded in 1965, Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills is an independent community teaching hospital employing approximately 2,500 people. The Detroiter interviewed President and CEO Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., M.P.H., to discuss the latest happenings at Botsford, as well as the health care industry in general.

As an independent hospital, how do you seeing Botsford fitting into the health care picture in this region?

Botsford Hospital is a strong, independent hospital that is committed to serving our surrounding communities today and into the future. With more than 650 physicians, our mission is to provide the highest quality care in a very personal manner. When necessary, we partner with other systems to provide all the necessary clinical services and technology to fulfill our mission.

Why do you think the health care and life sciences industry has thrived in the Detroit region?

Health care and life sciences have thrived in Southeast Michigan for two reasons: 1) the caliber and breadth of clinical capabilities within the physician community, and 2) the tremendous resources available in our area for bioscience and medical education and research.

Health care is an industry fueled by innovation and technology. What are a few high-tech features or services available at Botsford? 

The Botsford Cancer Center is providing new and innovative treatment to cancer patients locally, nationally and internationally. Our radiation oncologists are leading the field in advanced high dose radiation brachytherapy. Our trauma center, accredited by the American College of Surgeons, is one of only three in Oakland County. These comprehensive trauma services are reducing mortality and improving outcomes for thousands of trauma patients every year.

As part of the statewide campus system for the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, you have a nationally recognized teaching facility at Botsford. With talent such an important issue, how does this facility prepare health care professionals?

We take medical education very seriously at Botsford. As a partner with Michigan State University, I believe we have a responsibility to train the best for their future role as physicians. Every year, 40 or more physicians complete their training programs at Botsford and most stay in Michigan.

As the largest employer in Farmington Hills, what type of economic impact does Botsford have on the community?

Our 2,500 employees work and live in Farmington Hills and surrounding communities. The economic impact is tremendous in terms of housing, shopping, schools, entertainment, transportation and all other aspects of community health.  Beyond our employees, the impact is even greater when considering vendor and supplier relationships and our 650 affiliated physicians.

Your hospital has been named in the top 100 hospitals nationally in terms of quality and value provided to the community. In addition to the economic impact, what impact does Botsford have in Farmington Hills?

We are very proud of our ranking as one of the highest quality health care facilities in Southeast Michigan. Quality coupled with greater efficiency and lower cost position Botsford as one of the better values for health care in Southeast Michigan.

You joined the Botsford Hospital medical staff in 1979, and first served as an emergency department physician before being named medical director for the hospital in 1990. What is the greatest takeaway you’ve learned during your experience in the industry?

My takeaway is that there are extraordinary people that serve in the health profession and on teams that provide health care to our communities. These are caring and committed individuals that choose to serve those that are ill or injured. Our job as leaders is to provide the direction and the means for these extraordinary people to fulfill the critical needs of individuals in our communities.

Is there anything else we haven’t addressed that you’d like to discuss?

Botsford Hospital is one part of our health system, Botsford Health Care.  We do operate a large ambulance and medical transportation company, Community EMS, that is located in Southeast Michigan and several other neighboring states.

And the  senior living community, Botsford Commons in Farmington Hills, is another entity within our health system.

I believe diversification and expanding the continuum of care are essential attributes of successful health systems, particularly in light of the health care reform agenda.

Botsford Hospital President and CEO Paul E. LaCasse has been a member of Botsford Hospital’s staff since 1979 and is an active member of state and national physician executive and osteopathic physician associations.