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Business Can Be a Leader In Helping to Prevent Second Wave

June 3, 2020
At the Detroit Regional Chamber, we believe that nothing would be more economically damaging than a second economic shutdown due to COVID-19.

It’s something we want to avoid at all costs. While public health remains the top priority, economic and physical health are closely related.

When it comes to reopening Michigan, we’d rather move a bit slow than too fast.

And as a business community in one of the nation’s COVID-19 hotspots, we bear a unique responsibility to do our part to prevent a second spike.

At the Detroit Regional Chamber, we employ over 70 talented individuals we care deeply about. We are committed to making the investment of time and resources to keep them safe.

Below are steps the Chamber is employing before returning to more normalized operations that may help inform your business’ steps in restarting responsibly.

  • Taking Proper Steps to Protect the Health of Everyone Who Walks In

Implement all social distancing and PPE protocols required by local and state health officials. All businesses are required by the state to have a reopening plan within two weeks of resuming in-person activities. There are also requirements for specific industries.

  • Embracing the New Normal: Masks, Social Distancing, Working from Home

The Chamber’s recent statewide poll shed light on what employees and customers are going to expect as they return. Keep social distancing measures in place, ensure masks and PPE are available and allow working from home wherever possible. These sentiments are reflected in the Governor’s lifting of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order.

  • Enforcing of Social Distancing, Clear Communication Keeps the Trust

Per the Chamber’s statewide poll in May – 77% of employees trust their employers to keep them safe. To keep and expand that trust, take actions that demonstrate we care, and communicate them clearly and effectively so employees feel safe. Employees need to know how to report suspected cases of COVID-19 or unsafe working conditions.

  • Playing Our Part in a Larger Ecosystem

Re-engaging the economy requires citizen’s trust. We are, after all, part of a larger ecosystem. Our employees and customers go home to their loved ones. Protecting our employees also protects their families, who are employees and customers throughout our region and state. An erosion of trust will have a ripple effect.

  • Being Ready for Positive Tests, Symptomatic Employees

Employees are going to test positive for COVID-19. So will customers, it is inevitable. Businesses must have an action plan customized to your industry, staff, and facilities. Quick action and firm, visible protocols will help mitigate future outbreaks and maintain trust in your business. Implement protocols for sanitizing the workplace, closing the facility, and working remotely when positive tests occur.

  • Serving as Strong Partners to with Local Government

The public sector needs our support more than ever, and that is going to take a long-term commitment to adhere to local health department guidelines for as long as needed. The public and private sectors need to stand united on implementation.