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Camp Pendleton

By: Tammy Carnrike

Chamber COO Tammy Carnrike participated in the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC), a program sponsored by the Secretary of Defense for civilian public opinion leaders interested in growing their knowledge of the military and national defense issues. JCOC is the oldest existing Department of Defense outreach program having been held more than 81 times since its inception in 1948. Tammy spent five days in the Western U.S. visiting each branch of the U.S. military and learning about the readiness of the armed forces and our nation’s defense policies.

After concluding our Marine recruit experience in the morning, it was off to Camp Pendleton where Marines are trained.

We started with lunch and were joined by Marines at our tables. It was so impressive to talk with them about their careers, their deployment experiences, their families and their future. These young men love being Marines and, in fact, cannot imagine not being there.

Then it was off for an interactive ammunition range experience. I had the chance to shoot different weapon types used by Marines in the field.