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Chamber Helps Businesses Navigate Policy Changes During COVID-19 Crisis

March 27, 2020
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Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Detroit Regional Chamber has kept in close contact with the governor’s administration amid policy changes to safeguard the health of Michigan businesses and their employees. Currently, businesses deemed non-critical must halt on-site operations temporarily. Regulations on the businesses still operating are starting to vary from region to region, causing unnecessary complications and confusion that the Chamber wants to fix statewide.

Statewide Guidance to Stop Regional Disparities

While some cities and counties are beginning to implement their own regulations on essential businesses due to COVID-19, there are downsides to having scattered guidelines for businesses in different parts of the state. For businesses with multiple locations, like grocery stores, each site would need to comply with different rules, causing further complications.

“The best solution is to have statewide orders,” said Brad Williams, vice president of Government Relations at the Chamber. “Everyone follows the same rules regardless of where they are. We’ve been working with the governor’s office to encourage that.”

Ask the Chamber Your COVID-19 Questions

Businesses collectively say they need further information on how new rules will affect day-to-day operations, and the Chamber is here to help.

Even with all its coverage in the news, businesses lack quality information on how to handle rapid regulatory and environmental changes due to COVID-19. That’s why the Chamber’s government relations team, led by Williams, is actively working to answer questions from businesses on:

The Chamber’s COVID-19 Tele-Town Hall Series, featuring prominent local and national guest speakers, allows listeners to submit questions each session. While speakers can’t answer every question, Williams’ team is reaching out individually to ensure every question is answered.

His team is also contacting businesses with questions who filled out the Chamber’s COVID-19 business survey and plans to begin approaching businesses directly to offer help first-hand.

Please send your COVID-19 business and policy questions to Brad Williams at