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Chamber’s Detroit Policy Conference tackles ‘what’s next’ for the city

From: Fox 2 News

February 26, 2015

DETROIT (WJBK) – All eyes are on Detroit, watching to see how the city recovers from bankruptcy.

Talking points at Thursday’s Chamber’s Detroit Policy Conference address what’s next for the city, addressing the city’s blighted properties, mass transit and high car insurance rates.

Tearing down houses in Detroit at a record pace was a point of prime for Mayor Mike Duggan, who was the opening Keynote speaker at the conference.

“We’re taking down 100-200 houses a week,” he said. He said the city has the federal funds to keep up with that demolition rate, but when that fund runs out in August he’s not sure where that money will come from.

Another talking point is the DDOT buses, infamous for running slow and leaving many people waiting in the cold.

“We’ve made a commitment that in the first half of this year, the buses will run on schedule. So we’re up now to, I think, to 20 of the 80 buses have been delivered. People are seeing the new buses on the street. Ten buses a month are coming, and so every month it’s getting better,” he says. He adds that the buses should be running on time by June.

From buses to cars, Duggan also took time on stage to take aim at car insurance rates, promising change.

You can learn more about the conference by visiting