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Collaborating for Michigan’s Future: A Personal Message From Gov. Rick Snyder

Dear Detroit Regional Chamber Member:

On behalf of the state of Michigan, I am honored to have served as your Governor over these past six and a half years. I strongly believe that businesses play a vital role in a healthy economy, employing hundreds of thousands of residents and contributing to local communities every day. I was proud that one of the early accomplishments of my administration was eliminating a burdensome business tax and replacing it with a tax system that protects businesses in their effort to grow. I was also happy to work collaboratively with local leaders to champion Detroit’s economic comeback.

As Governor, I have made the reinvention of our state a top priority. My administration has made fiscal responsibility, timely budgeting, and reasonable and fair tax systems a focus for getting our state’s fiscal integrity back on track. Caring for the health of our residents, educational achievement for our young people, and strong communities also have been key in making sure our residents are cared for, successful, and safe. Michigan’s revitalization is reflected in a growing economy, urban centers on the comeback, and an unemployment rate that is near its lowest level in 17 years.

But we are not done yet and we have our foot on the gas. We continue to work on reforms that will spur more economic activity and create more and better jobs for Michigan residents, as well as ensuring they have the education they need to put their talent to work in the careers of the future. Our current priorities include focusing on a 21st century education system, a 21st century infrastructure, and reforms to improve the fiscal health of our local governments. I also established the Building the 21st Century Economy Commission to develop a strategy for growth that will help new and existing industries thrive in our state. I am excited about the opportunities for continued success.

Thank you for your commitment to Michigan and Michiganders. We remain committed to creating and maintaining an environment that allows you to continue your success now and well into the future.


Governor Rick Snyder