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Committed to the Triple Bottom Line

Students gather information about their college options at the Detroit Promise Summer Social that was held this past August.

Serving an 11-county region that encompasses more than 300 municipalities and 7,062 square miles of rich geographic, human, and business assets, the Detroit Regional Chamber is committed to ensuring the region is educated, employed, and healthy to compete in the 21st century global economy. Serving the business community for more than 100 years, the Chamber’s mission is carried out through creating a business-friendly climate and value to its members. The programs and initiatives created to do this have social, environmental, and financial gains for businesses and the region. 


An educated, highly skilled workforce is the linchpin of the region’s ability to compete globally in today’s connected world. Growing the number of Detroiters participating in the labor market is the key to filling the talent gap. For more than 25 years, the Chamber has led work that provides pathways to continue education for Detroiters. The Chamber’s robust suite of education and talent programs, along with policy work is dedicated to increase postsecondary education attainment to 60% by 2030 and increase the talent pool for employers. 

To achieve this, the Chamber focuses on removing barriers to education for the underserved populations in the Detroit region. The Chamber administers the Detroit Promise scholarship and Detroit Drives Degrees program to provide pathways to continue education for Detroit high school graduates and the region’s adult population without a degree or certificate. 

Additionally, increasing access to education and jobs for returning citizens is essential to reach the 60% education attainment goal. For more than a decade, the Chamber has advocated for smart reforms of the state’s criminal justice system. Currently, many formerly incarcerated individuals have a hard time rejoining the workforce. To help   change this, the Chamber is advocating for the reform of Michigan’s expungement law which will be reviewed by the Senate this month. This reform will help citizens get back on their feet and reintegrate into the community through employment opportunities. 


Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility. With the technological innovations of the last decade, new forms of transportation introduced will reduce the carbon footprint. Michigan, home to the automotive industry, leads the evolution to fully connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles. Vehicle electrification will benefit the planet and profit in the long run. To lead this revolution, MICHauto — Michigan’s statewide automotive and mobility cluster association, and a key initiative of the Chamber — is focused on supporting competitive EV and CAV legislation in partnership with Michigan’s Legislative Automotive Caucus to ensure Michigan leads the next revolution in mobility. 

For more than five years, MICHauto has been focused on policies to ensure Michigan has the most welcoming environment for mobility-related R&D, testing, and development. In 2016, the American Center for Mobility and Mcity were created following the passage of a package of bills that allowed the testing and eventual consumer use of autonomous vehicles, making Michigan the first state to establish comprehensive regulations and launch unique-in-the-nation testing centers. Today, MICHauto continues to advocate the advancement of this critical industry, including legislation championed by Sen. Mallory McMorrow establishing a first-in-the-nation EV charging network as well as a bill introduced by Sen. Ken Horn to promote mobility-related research and development. These bills have and will continue to ensure the state is competitive and leading the revolution for next-generation mobility.  


Healthy communities lead to healthy workers. By investing in employee health, businesses can essentially invest in their companies. Together with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Chamber is committed to promoting the role businesses play in shaping communities and to making health and wellness practices standard in workplaces across the region. In 2018, the Detroit MSA ranked 145 out of 186 regions in the Gallup-Share Well-being Index, lagging well behind peer regions. The Chamber’s goal is to increase the Detroit MSA to above the 50th percentile on the ranking to ensure a healthy and productive workforce for the region. Not only will this have a positive impact on employers’ bottom line, but an improved ranking will also attract young talent to the region.