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Detroit Regional Chamber CEO: Recommendations of Detroit Education Coalition Necessary to Restore Path to Middle Class

DETROIT, March 30, 2015: Today, the Detroit Regional Chamber’s President and CEO Sandy Baruah released the following statement on the recommendations from the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren.

“While the recommendations of this coalition may be controversial in some circles, the bottom line is that the children in Michigan with the most challenges are receiving the least amount of support in the classroom. The status quo is unacceptable. Children in Detroit are paying the price for decades of bad decisions made by adults. In order to break this cycle, we must take action to solve this problem and once again make education the ladder that children in poverty can use to reach the middle class and beyond.

The recommendations in this report are vast and carefully considered. While there was not unanimous agreement on all recommendations, the fact that such a disparate group could agree on a set of recommendations demands that they be taken seriously.

The dialogue was intense, but remained remarkably cordial, thanks to the deft leadership of Tonya Allen.”

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