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Elissa Slotkin

U.S. Representative (D-MI 8)

Rep. Elissa Slotkin is honored to serves the residents of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, including Ingham, Livingston, and North Oakland Counties.

Slotkin has spent her career in national service. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which took place during her first week of graduate school in New York City, Slotkin was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to be a Middle East analyst and went on to devote her career to protecting the United States from national security threats. In between her tours in Iraq, Slotkin held various defense and intelligence positions under President Bush and President Obama. In 2011, Slotkin took a senior position at the Pentagon and, until January 2017, served as acting assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.

Slotkin works to ensure that everyone has access to health care they can afford, lowering the price of prescription drugs, protecting access to clean water and Michigan’s Great Lakes, and returning decency and integrity to politics.

Slotkin received a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and master’s degree from Columbia University.

Slotkin’s home is her family farm in Holly. Slotkin’s husband, Dave, is a retired Army colonel who served for 30 years as an Apache helicopter pilot. Her two stepdaughters have pursued their own lives of service, one as a physician and the other as a new Army officer.