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Gov. Snyder: Let’s Put the Pedal to the Metal on Mobility

Key Takeaways:

  1. Michigan runs on brainpower and is the global leader of mobility.
  2. Government can serve as a partner by building a business climate conducive to automotive innovation.
  3. Talent remains a critical issue for automakers.

Gov. Rick Snyder closed out the 2015 MICHauto Summit with an enthusiastic call for Michigan’s automotive industry to continue its mobility leadership, promising that the state would continue to serve as a partner in building an overall environment for success, job-creation and economic growth.

Snyder admitted that the future implementation of connected and autonomous vehicles would not be delayed by the technology, but instead by the lack of an effective regulatory framework from the state and federal government. However, he expressed that this same obstacle gives Michigan, as the epicenter of the automotive industry, a unique opportunity to help shape the rules and standards that will govern emerging mobility technology.

Snyder also recognized that attracting and retaining talent remains a crucial challenge facing automakers.

“The greatest challenge we face is making sure we have the right people with the right skill set in the right place to drive you to business success,” he said.

Promoting the Michigan Economic Development Corp.’s recent “We Run on Brainpower” campaign, Snyder said the state is working hard to reach young people and educate them about the exciting opportunities in today’s automotive industry as well as the numerous cultural and social amenities Michigan can offer to retain talent in the state.

Complementing the importance of this year’s Summit theme, Snyder emphasized that pursuing a more “connected culture” is key to keeping Michigan on the leading edge of next-generation mobility.