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Harold Ford Jr., Dan Senor Debate Potential Candidates Heading Into Primary Election

First-rate political analysis took center stage as former Representative Harold Ford Jr. of MSNBC and Republican foreign affairs expert Dan Senor discussed electoral politics in advance of a primary season that may include radically different races for each party.

In the session moderated by The Detroit News’ Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley, Ford and Senor agreed that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and John Kasich stood best equipped to emerge from the Republican primary. As a Clinton supporter, Ford said he was most worried about Bush, calling him a very “serious candidate.”

Ford also acknowledged that history often does not favor a political party winning three presidential elections in a row, but stated that if Clinton can distinguish a complementary, yet different vision for the country from the Obama administration, she would win.

Senor doubted her ability to truly be a candidate of change, and argued that Clinton’s lack of an equally credibly primary challenger would actually do more harm to her campaign. He conceded that with a crowded field of candidates, the nominee would be shaped, molded and most importantly, prepared for the general election.