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Help Detroit Drives Degrees Attract and Retain Talent in Southeast Michigan

Talent retention and attraction is a main focus of Detroit Drives Degrees (D3) initiative, following college (access) and graduate (success), keeping homegrown talent in the region is important to boost the economy and improve our communities. Unfortunately, only about 40 percent of graduates currently remain in Southeast Michigan post-college to start their careers.

The D3 talent working group consists of leaders across Southeast Michigan working in talent retention, attraction, and placemaking. The main mission of the group is to increase the amount of educated talent living in the region so the working group focuses on retaining existing residents with postsecondary degrees and attracting new talent to the community.

To get a better picture of existing talent strategies, challenges, opportunities and community assets, the working group launched a public survey this week. The survey asks if you are a longtime resident, newcomer, boomerang, ex-pat or college student to take the survey which outlines a series of questions for each group of people. For example, longtime residents can expect to answer questions about their community’s hidden gems, comment on their connection to changes happening in Detroit and share ideas about how residents can get connected to their community. Newcomers, on the other hand, can expect to share their experience moving to the region and how they embraced their community.

In addition, we ask that everyone share the questionnaire with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors so we can collect perspectives from a diverse group of people representing all corners of the region.

The survey closes on Friday, May 19 and results and key ideas will be promoted following so everyone can benefit from the information we collect. The working group will dive deep into the results and create a strategy to improve talent retention and attraction outcomes. We’re hoping to collect impactful and creative ideas from the survey so we need YOU to participate!

Can you help spread the word? Feel free to use the text below to promote via email or social media.

How can the region better keep existing residents and attract new ones? Take this survey to share your experiences and ideas @DetroitChamber #D3Talent #DetroitDrivesDegrees

Want to get involved? Feel free to contact me at

And don’t wait! Take the survey right now.