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Israeli Startups Visit Detroit to Share Advances in Mobility Technology

Israeli Startups Visit Detroit to Share Advances in Mobility Technology

Last week, the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Destination Detroit team, in collaboration with PlanetM and the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator, welcomed five Israeli smart mobility technology startups that are under the DRIVE umbrella, a leading innovation center for smart mobility technologies.

DRIVE offers startups the opportunity to gain meaningful market opportunities and early insight on technology to get ahead of competitors.

Starting the day, Seun Phillips, director of PlanetM for the Michigan Economic Development Corp., and Justin Robinson, vice president of Business Attraction for the Detroit Regional Chamber, welcomed attendees and expressed the importance of connections with the Israeli mobility industry. Robinson said that Michigan is No. 1 in mobility patents for research and development. The technology showcase is part of a collective effort to learn about Israel’s innovation and how the ecosystem of Israel and Michigan can work together to cultivate.

Prior to company presentations, Ami Dotan, co-founder and CEO of DRIVE, shared his success story with Karamba Security, “A lot of people talk about Silicon Valley, but let me tell you, to fully design, engineer and build a car, the place to be is in Michigan.”

Kicking off presentations, Miles Flamenbaum, Adviosr at Actasys, showcased the company’s sensor cleaning systems for backup cameras. Flamenbaum explained that the backup camera is the automotive industry’s blind spot. If a sensor is wet or dirty, it will fail. Actasys created a solution to ensure the backup camera can be used regardless of its environment.

Moshiel Bitcon, co-founder and CEO of Addionics, shared the company’s solution to improve battery performance by reducing internal resistance through material improvements. The technology is compatible with all battery chemistries and offers a shorter charging time, larger capacity and lower resistance.

Eldad Caspi, co-founder and CEO of CipherSiP, shared the importance of using watermarking communication to offer authentication protocols used to improve vehicle cybersecurity. There are at least 16 clear attack points for hackers to breach connected cars. With CipherSiP, a watermark is added to create authentication, which is transparent to the user, but prevents hackers from getting information to hack the vehicle.

Ziv Binyamini, CEO of Foretellix, is all about autonomous vehicle safety, specializing in testing and analyzing simulations throughout the development process. The issue in the industry is there is limited intelligence and metrics in testing process. Before Foretellix, there was a gap in coverage if the testing of vehicles was truly complete.

To close the event Avi Bakal, CEO and co-founder of TriEye, showcased their SWIR (Short-wave infared_ technology for vehicle cameras.

Following the presentations, attendees participated in a networking reception held at the chamber.