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Larry Boress

Larry BoressLarry Boress is president and CEO of the Midwest Business Group on Health (MBGH). Boress joined the coalition in 1991 and became president in 2006. Boress oversees MBGH’s research, educational, networking, group purchasing and advocacy activities, speaking out for the purchaser perspective in health care. He assists member companies in formulating benefit designs, measuring the performance of providers and health plans, and creating effective worksite wellness and incentive programs. He leads MBGH’s community initiatives, including the Leapfrog Group’s patient safety activities in Illinois, and projects related to preventing early elective services.

Boress is also president of the MBGH purchasing group affiliate, the Midwest Health Purchasers Foundation, which offers employers group discounts for pharmacy benefit managers, formulary management, diabetes management services, transparency of provider cost and quality services, and HMO evaluation and premiums negotiation services.

Boress serves as executive director of the National Association of Worksite Health Centers, an affiliate of MBGH. He also serves on the executive committee of the National Business Coalition on Health.