About Leadership Detroit

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Connecting Leaders, Inspiring Change in Our Community

Leadership Detroit is a community leadership program for executives in Southeast Michigan led by the Detroit Regional Chamber with nearly 2,000 alumni. Launched in 1979, the program aims to create awareness of key issues that affect the Detroit region and to challenge emerging and existing community leaders to bring about positive change in the community through informed leadership.

Taking it to the Next Level

Leadership Detroit offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for professionals to take their leadership agenda to the next level. We offer a unique, behind-the-scenes approach to understanding the inner workings of the region and the people that make it work.

We Challenge Assumptions

Participants tap into a diverse pool of professionals that are actively engaged from multiple perspectives in improving the quality of life in the region. The conversation is open and fluid and embraces multiple perspectives. We create a space where new ideas can emerge and where assumptions can be challenged.

We Build Relationships

During the 6-month hybrid program, participants are able to develop multiple and unique relationships among their classmates. Highly effective leaders know and embrace the reality that relationships matter. As we move our region forward, strong relationships that foster trust among leaders from all walks of life, will be fundamental to success.


The next step is to apply or nominate someone for the program. If you are the first person from your organization to consider Leadership Detroit, it is encouraged to seek the nomination from a colleague. Self-nominations are also accepted.