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Legendary Leadership

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A special tribute to Senator Carl Levin and Congressman John Dingell

Congressman Dingell has ‘left everything on the  floor’ of the House – a giant player in the game of politics, yes, but more giant still in the fight for real people. He has a heart the size of a barn, and a mind as quick as a jackrabbit. They broke the mold with John Dingell.

Sen. Levin has often been described as the ‘conscience of the senate,’ and it’s hard to improve upon that designation. He has always been utterly honest, true to himself and to his straight moral compass. And he has championed intelligent solutions to our challenging economy, whether it has been his support for advanced technologies in defense or the auto industry, or his push to help diversify Michigan’s economy to create jobs for our people. His retirement is a loss to our state and our nation.”
Jennifer Granholm,
Former Governor of Michigan

“Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. John Dingell have rightly earned legendary status for their tireless, highly effective work through the years on so many issues that are critical to the nation and to Michigan. They also have been very receptive and very helpful in dealing with issues that directly affect Mackinac Island. We all have bene ted in so many ways from their distinguished careers in public service. To both Sen. Levin and Congressman Dingell, we say a very heartfelt ‘thank you.'”
Dan Musser III
President, Grand Hotel

Carl’s contributions to Michigan and our country are innumerable. From his steadfast support for American autoworkers, to our troops serving at home and abroad. We have greatly appreciated his thoughtful approach to public policy and his good counsel, especially during tough times for the industry. We thank him for his distinguished public service.

John’s unwavering support and tough love have been extremely important to the auto industry and American manufacturing. He has challenged us to do more and advocated for us when times were tough. Through his lifetime of service, his work has helped strengthen communities across our country and delivered better opportunities for us all. We are honored that he has been Ford’s hometown congressman.”
Bill Ford,
Executive Chairman,
Ford Motor Company

“Carl Levin and John Dingell have dedicated their lives to public service and served the people of Michigan with distinction. It’s been a pleasure working with them on so many issues important to Southeast Michigan and our entire state, from standing up for the auto industry, to supporting small businesses, to protecting our beautiful Great Lakes. It has been an honor to partner with them to  fight for Michigan.”
Debbie Stabenow,
U.S. Senator, Michigan

Sen. Levin and Congressman Dingell are among the most respected lawmakers of our time. They are truly champions for Michigan residents and all Americans, and their accomplishments are proof of that. The longevity they have in common is a marvel in itself, but with both of them, it is the impact they’ve had that is most impressive. They have positively shaped the world we live in. So much has changed since either took the oath of office, but they have always upheld that oath, and put the will of the people and the good of the nation first and foremost.”
Daniel J. Loepp,
President and CEO,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“John has always been more than Mr. Chairman to me. He’s been Dean, the longest serving member of Congress and one of the most effective in our history. There’s never been a colleague I’ve admired more. Happy retirement, John, and thank you for your service.”
Joe Biden,
Vice President, United States of America
*source: White House Press Website