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Mayor Bing Closes First Day of Conference with Support for Regional Collaboration

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing joined Detroit Free Press editorial writer Nancy Kaffer on Michigan’s Center Stage following an introduction by Henry Ford Health System CEO and Detroit Regional Chamber Board of Directors Nancy Schlichting. Schlichting lauded the Mayor’s passion and commitment to the city throughout his tenure as Mayor.

Kaffer asked Bing about his tenure as mayor and his thoughts on the city’s future under emergency management.

Mayor Bing stressed the importance of continued regional collaboration, pointing to the success of COBO Center as an example for future regional projects. Mayor Bing also said his decision not to run for reelection was largely based on his inclination to support the team over individual goals and that he is doing what he feels is the best decision for Detroit. He also voiced his support for proposed legislation requiring residency for new city employees and the positive effects such a requirement would have on the city’s tax base and public safety.