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MI Symptoms Web Applications Helps Businesses Reopen Safely

June 1, 2020
To help reopening businesses safely reengage in the economy, the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity launched the MI Symptoms Web Application as a cost-free way for employers to comply with Executive Order 2020-97 and implement a COVID-19 symptoms screening questionnaire for employees.

Designed primarily for employers and employees, the online tool is also available to all Michigan residents. Users enter information daily to help identify symptoms that might be caused by the virus and to make decisions about when to seek appropriate medical care. Local and state public health will also use the collective data to help identify the potential for new outbreaks of the disease.

Some employers may ask or require employees to use MI Symptoms as they return to work to help identify potential cases of COVID-19 before it can spread. Employees will have an objective tool to inform their employers that they should not be coming to work without having to share symptom-specific information.

If you choose to participate, employers can create a profile. After creation, a code will be generated that can be shared with employees to use on their profiles.

MI Symptoms and MI Safe Start Map support the state’s “Contain COVID” efforts by linking symptomatic individuals to resources and providing data to plan and evaluate the impact of target, testing, and protection efforts as necessary to begin to safely reengage the economy.

Additional benefits of MI Symptoms include:

  • Promotes individual health and safety by identifying potential symptoms of the virus and linking symptomatic individuals with resources for further action.
  • Helps residents return to work safely.
  • It improves the state’s economic health as the MI Safe Start Plan is implemented.

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