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Mitch Landrieu

Mayor, City of News Orleans

mitch-landrieuMitch Landrieu was sworn in as the 61st Mayor of New Orleans on May 3, 2010. Since taking office, he has worked vigorously to promote economic growth in New Orleans and as a result the city is creating jobs, attracting major retailers and new private investment, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Landrieu has initiated a blight reduction strategy that has reduced overall blight by well over 8,000 properties since 2010. He also secured nearly a half billion new dollars from FEMA for critical infrastructure and capital improvements to get New Orleans’ recovery going. He has also focused on making City Hall more business and customer-friendly. Prior to becoming Mayor, Mitch served as Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor for six years, leading the effort after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild the tourism industry and the tens of thousands of jobs it creates.

Landrieu has a law degree from Loyola University.​