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Moving Michigan Forward: Governor Snyder’s Top Five Recommendations

Gov. Rick Snyder was joined by over 200 business leaders and community influencers from the Detroit region who were eager to hear how the state has progressed during the Governor’s State of the State: Now and in the Future on March 27 at MGM Grand in Detroit. At the luncheon, hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Governor discussed how Michigan has grown over the past eight years and highlighted five key areas needed to continue the state’s prosperity.

  1. Economy: Michigan has one of the largest concentrations of engineers, both mechanical and industrial, in the world. The state is a leader in the automobility and aerospace industries, as well as insurance and finance. The Governor emphasized a continued push to lead the future of mobility worldwide.
  2. Talent: The Governor created the Marshall Plan for Talent to change the way educators, employers and other stakeholders work together to invest, develop and attract talent in the state. Michigan has an outdated communication system between educators and employers. To maintain its status as a competitive economic market, there needs to be a renewed partnership to attract and retain talent.
  3. Infrastructure: Drivers are currently paying for decades of road neglect. The state is paying down debt that tracks back to the early 2000s, so while infrastructure investment in sewage and road infrastructure is crucial, updating infrastructure will take time.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: The Governor posed the question: “How can we continue to hold ourselves accountable for future generations?” The state has a payment plan in place, but results will be more long-term.
  5. Civility: The Governor doubled down on his signature belief that “relentless positive action” and public and private collaboration will continue Michigan’s forward trajectory.

Following his remarks, the Governor was joined by Dan Loepp, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Lorron James, CEO of James Group International. The panel was moderated by Chamber President and CEO Sandy Baruah.

Panelists agreed that state lawmakers’ willingness to reach across the aisle and compromise on key legislation is an advantage for attracting business and positioning the state for long-term prosperity.

“Everyone in Michigan needs to be a Michigan ambassador.” Snyder commented. “We need to be louder and prouder of the things we’ve accomplished. Detroit and Michigan are making a comeback, but we need Michiganders to spread the word.”

Watch the Governor’s Remarks here.