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My Friend, Carl Levin

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To put it bluntly, I could not have served the people of Southeast Michigan for all these years without the companionship and help of my dear friend and colleague, Sen. Carl Levin. Dating back decades, the close relationship shared by the Dingells and Levins has been one steeped in service to the people of Michigan. In the early 1950s, I was blessed to work for Carl’s uncle, United States Circuit Judge Theodore Levin, and as the Levin brothers grew up, some of their  rst political memories included campaigning for my father. We’ve relied on our family bond and friendship to move our state forward, and few have done more for the people of Michigan than my friend, Carl Levin.

Carl has fought each and every day of his career to advance our working families in Michigan and promote the economic well-being of our state. He has led the fight to protect our important manufacturing and automotive sectors. I’ve been blessed to work side-by-side with Carl to fight to clean up and protect the Great Lakes, and to see to it that our brave men and women in uniform are taken care of. He’s worked across the aisle with any and all willing partners in order to achieve the greater good for the American people, and his principled leadership is unmatched throughout the halls of Congress. Carl’s approach to  finding fair, bipartisan solutions is a superb template for all who come after him in public service.

As chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl has made it his mission that our military is both prepared and properly called upon for duty. He has worked to better manage our defense spending and see to it that those who sacrifice their life and livelihood for our freedom are cared for. As chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, he has helped to root out all manners of mischief and mismanagement at federal agencies and industries alike. Carl shares my belief that Congress works best and legislates best when it performs proper oversight and obtains the facts before reaching conclusions. Under his watchful eye, his committees have reigned in wasteful spending and ensured better stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.

Carl and his beautiful wife, Barbara, raised their three wonderful daughters right here in Michigan, and he will soon be blessed to spend more time with them and his six grandchildren in retirement. He has made it his life’s goal to care for the people of our state because that’s what he knows best, and that’s what he loves to do.

My dear friend Carl is an honest and goodhearted man, and our state and the Congress are vastly better off because of his hard work over the years. We all wish him well in retirement and look forward to continuing our friendship for years to come. I ask you to please join me in recognizing the unwavering dedication of a champion for our state and nation, Senator Carl Levin.

– John Dingell