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New App Helps Businesses Get Employees Back to Work

May 1, 2020
Businesses are starting to prepare for when the time comes to bring their employees back to work safely. They are seeking guidance on how to navigate this uncharted territory on how to ensure the safety of employees and anticipate issues to come.

To help businesses in this critical transition, Red Level has developed its COVID ClearPass app to help companies stay safe, stay compliant, and stay connected throughout this process. Learn more about the app from Red Level below.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, work, and interact. Our new normal is anything but. Social distancing, location capacity restrictions, and health screenings are now everyday business challenges.

Government rules and CDC guidelines continue to evolve as new information becomes available. The ability to adapt has always been humanity’s superpower. As businesses and institutions reopen, organizations need to change rapidly as well.

Red Level has created a way to help.

They designed the COVID ClearPass App from the ground up with safety in mind. With ClearPass, your workforce has access to mission-critical tools right on their phone; screen for COVID symptoms, queue location access, and share key information, all from one central platform.

COVID ClearPass helps you take proper measures to prevent the spread of the virus while maintaining a socially distanced workplace. It’s built from the latest State Executive Orders, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and the World Health Organization recommendations.

Protect your workforce and protect your business with COVID ClearPass from Red Level.