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3 Steps to Prepare for the Primary Election

1. Find your polling location and fill out a sample ballot. Not sure where to go to vote? helps you find your clerk by searching by county or address. This will tell you where to go to cast your vote. This website also allows you to read up on statewide ballot proposals and fill out a sample ballot so you are ready on election day.

2. View the Detroit Regional Chamber’s endorsements page. The Chamber PAC prides itself on being one of the most sought after, bipartisan endorsements in Michigan and regularly endorses candidates who best represent the business community. Among the PAC’s endorsements are Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and former state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer for governor.







3. Understand what you are voting for. From the Governor’s race to many Michigan and U.S. House and Senate races, this election will determine the future of the state and federal government for years to come. The Chamber supports bipartisan, pro-business candidates that are willing to work across the aisle in a manner of civility. See where candidates for Governor stand on issues that are important to you and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.

NOTE: In the primary election, voters must vote under only one party selection. Voters may not “split their ticket.” If voters select candidates from more than one party, their ballot will be rejected.

For more information on the Chamber PAC, please visit