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Prepare Michigan

From advanced manufacturing and aerospace to defense and mobility, Michigan has a diverse workforce and business-friendly ecosystem. Ensuring economic success requires talent development and the robustness of Michigan’s education ecosystem will play a role in this progress.  

The education system in the Detroit region alone represents over 800,000 students in the K-12 grades. Within 1,600 schools across public and charter entities, more than 54,000 teachers are guiding and preparing the next-generation workforce. The area is also home to several ranked higher education institutions. Vocational training provides technical training to students in order to prepare them for a particular career, offering training in areas such as construction, advanced manufacturing, casino dealer training, and more.  

Retaining and attracting high-performing talent is critical to business innovation and growth. Understanding the importance of this, Michigan’s higher education institutions and businesses are creating innovative ways to help better prepare future talent.  

Business leaders from the state shared their insights on Michigan’s education and talent ecosystem.  

Richard L. DeVore 

Regional President, Detroit and Southeast Michigan, PNC Financial Services Group 

It’s important to Michigan’s economy and the future success of companies for the business community to play an active and visible role in improving education. We continue to hear about the lack of a prepared workforce throughout the state.  Education is the primary driver to developing our region’s talentIt will take a collaborative effort from business, education, philanthropy, civic leaders, and parents to move Michigan forward. 

Ray Telang  

U.S. Automotive Leader, Detroit Managing Partner, PwC 

Our firm has made a commitment that no one will be left behind as we experience the advancements in technology. We’re going to make an investment in every single one of our people to ensure that their skillsets stay relevant and applicablewe need to make sure that people are part of our portfolio, are trained, and have the skills necessary to succeed.   

Suzanne Shank  

Chairwoman and CEO, Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co. LLC 

I am passionate about education because I’ve seen firsthand that it can be the engine of social mobility — a way to level the playing field for those less fortunate...the business community has keen interest in seeing improvement in Michigan’s school performance. The business community can play a positive role in that regard by partnering with schools to provide tutoring and mentoring support.