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The Results: Election 2012

Voters Reject All Six Proposals; NITC to Move ForwardMichigan residents exercised their right to vote by defeating Michigan ballot proposals 2 through 6 at the polls on November 6. This is a huge victory for Governor Rick Snyder, which reaffirms his continued efforts to reinvent Michigan. Despite the no vote on Proposal 1, Michigan is in excellent position to continue its continued transformation and move forward, especially with the clearer path to build the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) to Canada. The Chamber is a longtime supporter of the new bridge and is pleased to see it continue to progress under Gov. Snyder’s leadership.

The month leading up to the election, the Chamber championed a grassroots outreach campaign to educate Michigan’s business community on the impact of the ballot proposals. Thousands of individuals were contacted via email, phone and direct mail in an effort to promote its Know Before You Vote Toolkit and to align with Gov. Snyder on pushing for a yes vote on Proposal 1 and a no vote on the rest of the Michigan ballot proposals.

Proposal 1 – Voters Repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager LawIn light of Michigan voters’ decision to repeal Public Act 4, known as the Emergency Manager Law, the Detroit Regional Chamber is strongly encouraging the Legislature to work on solutions during the current legislative session that allow cities like Detroit to manage their way out of a financial emergency in a way that does not include federal bankruptcy. This decision to repeal PA 4 directly hinders business’ and entrepreneurs’ certainty in investing and expanding in the city.
“Failing to retain the emergency manager law is a step in the wrong direction for Michigan,” said Sandy K. Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber. “The law has been an effective tool for municipalities and school districts to address financial emergencies. We’ve seen the impact of prolonged financial crisis, it wreaks havoc on communities and schools. Hopefully the Legislature will decide to revisit the issue to ensure that we have a law on the books that can help address financial crises.”

Proposal 6 – With No Vote, Michigan Moves Closer to NITC, Greater Global ImpactMichigan voters spoke loud and clear in favor of the NITC by voting no on Proposal 6, helping to smooth the path to the creation of the new bridge to Canada. The result comes in spite of the millions of dollars in misleading advertising that poisoned the flow of factual information on this proposal. Supporting projects like the NITC will help Michigan in becoming a major player in the global economy, increase foreign trade opportunities and generate greater income opportunities for Michigan businesses and residents. This decision allows for projects across the state to continue without costly interruption, including local infrastructure projects and key developments like the rail tunnel in Detroit.

“Despite the tens of millions of dollars spent on misleading campaign ads in favor of Proposal 6, the facts never changed. The New International Trade Crossing will create thousands of jobs and millions in investment. It will position Michigan to thrive in the global economy and benefit businesses throughout the state. Those are the facts,” said Sandy K. Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber. “Fortunately, voters saw Proposal 6 for what it was – a lucratively financed attempt to hijack the constitution and protect a billionaire’s monopoly with no regard for the rest of the state.