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Snyder: Let’s Write State’s Next Chapter as “One Michigan”

During Michigan’s “Lost Decade,” the state sometimes seemed fated to continue its economic decline. However, a dramatic reinvention, under the leadership of Gov. Rick Snyder, helped create more than 400,000 private-sector jobs and write a new comeback story for Michigan. Today, Snyder used his keynote address to look ahead towards the future, urging Conference attendees to overcome divisions, find solutions and write the state’s next chapter together, as “One Michigan.”

Snyder began his address by thanking Chamber President Sandy Baruah and 2016 Conference Chair Dennis Archer Jr. for using the Conference as a forum for solutions instead of problems.

The Governor acknowledged that despite the impressive turnaround Michigan has experienced, the state can’t be content and complacent, reinforcing that there are Michiganders still looking for opportunity.

To help address that need Snyder announced the creation of three new commissions at last January’s State of the State. Consisting of infrastructure, education and economy, these commissions are responsible for addressing the critical issues to continuing Michigan’s comeback and helping make the state a national leader in the 21st century.

“A commission by itself isn’t the answer. The real point is to have a focused dialogue, a bipartisan dialogue, a broad-faced dialogue. It’s not about politics, but it’s about common sense and people talking about an area where we can write those chapters,” Snyder said.

Snyder finished his address by reiterating that Michigan’s next chapter would be written by Michiganders, and that by finding common ground, the state would be well positioned for the future.

“We’re writing the chapters. We’re writing the books. We’re helping set Michigan’s foundation for the next five, 15, 50 years. That’s what you should be really proud of. Not every generation, not every group of people get a chance to do that,” Snyder said.

“We’re at our very best when we are ‘One Michigan.’ That’s when we’re one great state. That’s the opportunity. That’s the tone we can set. Let’s go do it together,” he added.