Keeping You in the Know on Legislative Updates From Lansing

Legislative Update: Minimum Wage and Paid Medical Leave

The Detroit Regional Chamber has actively engaged legislators since the adoption of the minimum wage and paid medical leave initiatives in September. The Michigan Senate acted swiftly and deliberately yesterday to amend these policies and ensure that they work for Michigan’s employers. As the House of Representatives continues to deliberate this important legislation next week, the Chamber is encouraging legislators to ensure the bills address the unique needs of our state’s employers and support Michigan’s ongoing economic expansion and continued job growth, while honoring the will and intent of Michigan’s residents and the unwavering efforts of so many to enact these reforms.

Chamber Supports Riverfront Growth Through BIZ Reform

Earlier today, the Chamber testified in support of legislation (HB 5720) that would enable the continued growth and success of Detroit’s riverfront by creating a mechanism for a sustainable funding source through changes to Michigan’s Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) statute. The Chamber will continue to advocate in collaboration with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and Downtown Detroit Partnership for this important tool to help keep the Rivertown neighborhood clean and secure for commercial and residential property owners, visitors and patrons.

Small Cell Digital Communications Legislation Sent to Gov. Snyder

A proposed law (SB 637) to provide a uniform regulatory framework for the deployment of emerging 5G wireless technology has passed the Michigan Legislature and is awaiting Gov. Snyder’s signature. The Chamber supported this important legislation, building on broader, ongoing efforts to maintain Michigan’s leading role in the development and implementation of next-generation mobility and autonomous vehicle technology.

Legislative Advances for Recent Federal Tax Reforms

This week, SB 1097 and 1170 received legislative action to avoid unintended consequences as a result of recent federal tax reforms. The Chamber is engaging with legislators and encouraging the passage of both bills, which address the definition of taxable income and the tax deduction limitation on pass-through businesses in order to maintain Michigan’s competitive business climate and ensure that employers are not inadvertently penalized through increased tax obligations.