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Trends Emphasize Need for MICHauto

In the week or so since the launch of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s MICHauto initiative, the need for an organized effort to fight to keep Detroit and Michigan’s position as the national and global automotive epicenter has never been more evident. With news of the United States potentially emerging as the industry’s profit center and General Motors expected to once again become the world’s top auto seller, competition will only intensify nationally for the investment, technology, talent and jobs created by the automotive industry.

Just a few short years after many critics were leaving the auto industry for dead, it has come roaring back. The questions revolving around the domestic auto industry are no longer if it can survive, but where in the United States it will thrive. As other regions, particularly the South, ramp up their attraction efforts, there is a competition under way that Michigan cannot afford to lose.

MICHauto is crucial to ensuring Detroit and Michigan remain the global automotive epicenter. A reminder of Michigan’s stature as a hub of the international auto industry came recently as Hyundai announced it will invest $15 million in its R&D facility near Ann Arbor.

Become a member of MICHauto to join the fight to keep the auto industry right where it started – in the Motor City.