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Verizon: A Collaboration Platform That Can Change the Way You Work

By Pete Jones, Managing Partner and Tristen O’Brien, Business Sales Senior Manager


What would you do if you owned a car dealership, but no one was allowed to visit? This is a predicament that one local Detroit business faced when COVID19 hit. Unfortunately, this scenario has become all too familiar with businesses across the nation, and getting creative is no longer an option. Working as managers at Verizon, we too faced a similar challenge. We had to migrate 4400 employees to a work-from-home environment in only eight days. To accomplish this, we leveraged our VoIP cloud solution and our newly acquired Bluejeans collaboration platform, which allows you to set and conduct web conferences easily and quickly.

To navigate this pandemic, it’s crucial that you stay connected; not only to your customers, but your employees as well. BlueJeans allows our customers to connect and collaborate with tools such as:

Breakout Rooms
 Whiteboards
 Annotation
 Video Sharing
 Meeting Highlights

There are several unique features to BlueJeans, but one in particular stands out – Dolby Audio. This feature allows for a crystal-clear audio experience as it blocks out the background noise and provides a robust sound. We also love the security components from a corporate perspective, as it keeps the unwanted visitors out by leveraging end to end encryption and passwords. With that said, most of the people in the field enjoy the ease of use. The ability to launch directly from the web makes it seamless for our teams to engage with customers.

From an internal perspective, we found significant advantages to gathering over video. We integrated culture initiatives to wear different outfits like favorite rock concerts and hat day to bring the team together over virtual meetings. The video allowed people to share their pets, their children and their homes with the team. This has helped fill the gap of the watercooler that we all miss. Coincidentally, we have seen engagement increase for portions of the team that tended to be more remote even when we were in the office, as the playing field is now level for all.

BlueJeans is an amazing tool that can help move any business forward – like the car dealership mentioned earlier, or a business that needs to connect with their customers/employees, we invite you to give BlueJeans a try. Reach out to your local Verizon Business Representative for more information.