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Vice President Mike Pence Visits Detroit to Address Economy, USMCA, and More

On Monday, Aug. 19, Vice President Mike Pence visited Detroit for his third speaking engagement with the Detroit Economic Club. The vice president spoke to regional business leaders about the administration’s commitment to supporting the middle class and continuing economic progress through tax reductions, strategic trade deals, and reduced government regulation.

The program began with an appearance and remarks from Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who expressed excitement about the development happening in Detroit, noting that “Detroit’s story is the nation’s story.”

Pence then provided attendees with an update on the state of the American economy. In highlighting the strengths of the nation’s economy, he acknowledged Detroit’s workforce and major industries as key drivers of the success he reported has occurred under the current administration.

“The auto industry is roaring back here in Michigan and across the heartland,” Pence said.

Pence cited tax reductions, low unemployment, and the creation of opportunity zones across the country’s economically distressed communities, including 70 in Detroit, among the administration’s top accomplishments to date.

The vice president also emphasized the importance of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) for continued economic security.

“The USMCA is completed, and support is growing in Congress by the day,” Pence said. He continued by noting that the USMCA levels the playing field for American workers and can serve as a template for future trade deals.

In closing, Pence expressed his confidence in the stability and growth of America’s economy and promised to continue the work the administration’s been doing to ensure it.

“We’ll keep America thriving.”