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Volvo CEO Vows to Put One Million Electrified Cars on the Road by 2025

Sustainability has created a lot of freedom for people to move around, and that is why it is important to realize the challenges that lie ahead to reduce our carbon footprint. That was the main message that Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO of Volvo Car Group, conveyed in a Mobility Next discussion on the building blocks for sustainable mobility.

“We have taken the stance that electrification is the best solution to provide the car for energy, and we have defined a roadmap into electrification,” Samuelsson said.

Samuelsson explained that there are building blocks that will lead the automotive industry into sustainable mobility electrification, pure electric, autonomous vehicles and car-sharing.

“These are concreate building blocks for us to take the company forward and we have also reinforced these building blocks into three commitments that we see as guidelines for our company: making cars and mobility safer, using autonomous drive to increase quality of life, and protecting the environment and developing a carbon-free propulsion system. By 2025 we should have put out one-million electrified cars out on the road,” he said.


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