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Wayne Metro Community Action Agency – July 2019 Update

Wayne Metro Community Action Agency’s NeighborHub Weatherization Training House is moving swiftly towards completion. The house will serve as both a hub for Wayne County residents and as an accredited training center for weatherization contractors from across the State of Michigan. Since January 2019, the outside work has been completed on the training house. The outside work includes the installation of new windows and new vinyl siding. Also, the final plans for the house have been approved by the City of Highland Park. We have also received donations of a furnace, refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer. These donations were obtained by the State of Michigan’s Training and Education Center (MiTEC).

MiTEC has partnered with Wayne Metro to develop the training house as a local facility to train current and potential weatherization contractors. The State of Michigan has been a supporter of the project since its conception. This support has been crucial to the development and completion of the project.

While working on this project, we encountered significant challenges. The rain resulted in delays in the work schedule for the overall project. Now that the weather has improved work has resumed its normal pace. Our goal is to complete the training house at the end of our fiscal year by September 30, 2019. Upon completion of the training house, Wayne Metro plans to conduct a weatherization event for the fall of 2019.

Wayne Metro Community Action Agency has an outstanding campus in the City of Highland Park. Our campus provides a variety of community resources including weatherization and head start services to citizens. Our training house will serve as another excellent addition to Wayne Metro’s activities.