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Young professionals paving the way for other young professionals

By: Afrkah Cooper

While in school at Bowling Green State University, Brittany Mobley fell in love with public relations after watching The Devil Wears Prada, a movie about a recent college grad who lands a job at a high-end fashion magazine as a personal assistant. Brittany was intrigued with the work the actors did to promote their company and thought being a publicist might be her calling.

“I was watching the movie and I fell in love with her lifestyle,” Mobley laughed. “I never wanted to be an assistant but I was intrigued about what they were doing. After watching the movie, I immediately did research on what public relations was.”

While researching the field, Mobley realized Bowling Green didn’t have an accredited public relations program. Committed to her decision, she found an accredited program at University of Memphis, received a scholarship, and made her way down south to finish her education and follow her dreams.

Mobley grew up in Southeast Michigan and graduated from Belleville High School in 2009. Being away from home for school was an incredible experience, she said, but she was also ready to come home when she graduated.

“Memphis is big and everything is spaced out,” she said. “I was not familiar with the area and it made networking impossible. I missed my family too.”

After her return to Detroit, she landed a job at a local public relations firm and the pressure of the industry quickly took over. As a young


person jumping into the field at a large agency, she didn’t feel like she got the support and guidance she desired to improve her skills and get connected to the industry. After finishing her co


ntract with the firm, she decided to start her own agency and dedicate time to connect other young professionals to the field.

Mobley has come a long way since she graduated from undergrad in 2014. Today, she is the founder and CEO of BMobley Public Relations, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Full Sail University. She is using her experiences to help educate budding young professionals and recently launched Young People in Public Relations (YPPR), an organization that aims to educate our up-and-coming young professionals in the industry.

YPPR held its inaugural summit on Saturday, February 24 at the Brooklyn Outdoor Loft located in Eastern Market. The event sold out and welcomed a mixed crowd of high school, college, and practicing public relations professionals. Mobley gave her guests need-to-know details about the public relations field, insight from other professionals. and the importance of networking.

“I wanted to provide students with real-life insight, no cookie cutter job descriptions,” she said.

Mobley is one of many young professionals that are making a real impact on Southeast Michigan’s talent

retention. As a Wayne State University student studying public relations, and a communications intern at the Detroit Regional Chamber, I found the event incredibly valuable to get connected to the field and understand employment options as I begin my job search after graduation. Through her efforts, she is sho

wing me and talent like me that there are employment opportunities here in Detroit and a community that will help me connect to those opportunities. I can confidently say I don’t need to go to Chicago or New York to find a job and build my network after graduation.

As a community of business professionals, Mobley suggests we lift up young people in our organizations and create a space for them to learn and grow, no matter if the field is communications, engineering, education, or technology. Providing opportunities to students and young professionals to deeply connect to their field in Southeast Michigan is a priority of the Chamber. As my colleague Sarah Craft has written about in other blogs, we’re building a platform for talent to connect to employment, things to do, places to live, ways to make an impact, and most importantly, to people in the community who can help them find their way.

We’re in the process of building the online platform and we’re eager to connect. We hope through our platform, we’re able to make it easier for young professionals and associations to connect. If you are interested in having your professional association included on the online platform, please me at the information below.

In the meantime, take a moment and remember your mentors, consider attending a networking event that is catered to young professionals, or respond to a message you received to sit down for coffee with a student. Maybe you’ll meet the next Brittany Mobley and help a young professional make her dreams a reality.

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