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Detroit Regional Chamber Outlines Priorities on the Next Federal Stimulus Package

July 17, 2020
As Congress and the White House negotiate the next phase of the CARES Act, the Chamber is working with the Michigan Congressional delegation, U.S. Chamber, and other partners to highlight our priorities for the new package.

Supports for Business

  • Business liability protections.
  • Expand employee retention credit program.
  • Targeted supports for small- and medium-sized businesses, including extending the eligibility period of the Paycheck Protection Program for these entities.
  • Expanding the Paycheck Protection Program to 501 C (6) and other nonprofit organizations.

Supports for Employees and Their Families

  • Funding for state and local budgets that recognize the costs of ongoing COVID-19 response (including robust testing and contact tracing) and reduced tax collections.
  • Financial support that provides K-12 schools the tools to open safely.
  • Thoughtful revisions to extending any federal unemployment support that removes the disincentive to return to work, and supports the extension of the WorkShare program.

Statewide Business Organizations: Unify Behind Legislation To Bring Financial Relief To States

Today, the Detroit Regional Chamber and 14 other statewide business organizations called on Michigan’s Congressional Delegation to unify behind smart compromise Federal legislation to provide financial relief to Michigan, and other states, to address tax revenue loss due to the COVID-19 crisis. congressional support would be a significant enabler in businesses bringing back employees, help struggling families with needed services, and to speed economic revival across Michigan.