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HELLA: We Have To Be in This Together #MaskUpMichigan

July 15, 2020
As part of the Keep Businesses Open #MaskUpMichigan campaign, the Chamber has encouraged businesses and individuals to commit to wearing a face mask as appropriate and sign the pledge. Automotive supplier, HELLA, a Chamber and MICHauto member, has signed onto the pledge. HELLA’s Head of Sales Excellence and Marketing, Ben Cohen, teamed up with the Chamber to share why HELLA took the pledge and how they are supporting their employees and customers.

Why did HELLA take the #MaskUpMichigan pledge?

Wearing a face covering is vitally important to keeping everyone safe. Studies show that the more people who wear a face covering the more we can help control the spread of COVID-19. This is not only about keeping our business going today but for the long term as well. We have to be in this together.

Is HELLA doing anything unique or specific to encourage face covering (mask or shields) among employees and/or customers?

Each HELLA location has its own return work playbook which is developed by the local Crisis Management Teams. These playbooks follow global processes and guidelines as well as local laws. In our Northville location, only a few essential employees are allowed in the office now. But they are all being held to the playbook guidelines of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, along with many other things.

Here in Michigan, each employee is being issued five washable cloth masks so that they have one covering per day of the week. We have also provided information on how to care for the masks so they are properly cleaned and last.

What safety protocols/precautions have been put in place since reopening to keep employees and customers safe?

In our Michigan offices, we are only allowing some essential employees to be in the office. Otherwise, the rest of the workforce is remote. Using collaboration tools such as Microsoft teams we have been able to keep our employees engaged while working remotely.

For our plants around the world, they are running at varying capacities but all have their unique safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone working there. Additionally, we have quite strict policies for travel between HELLA locations, to customers, or having customers come to visit us. Following these guidelines globally while making sure to adhere to local regulations the teams are ensuring we are thinking of the people first. And the only way a business continues to run is with its best asset, a great team.

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