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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives

The Detroit Regional Chamber understands the importance of investing in a worksite health promotion program and has a Wellness Committee that meets monthly to discuss, establish and review the various staff wellness programs scheduled for the fiscal year. The Chamber’s comprehensive health promotion program contains the following elements:

  • Health education focusing on skill development and lifestyle behavior changes
  • A supportive social and physical work environment including implementing policies that promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • An employee assistance program (EAP) and other work life initiative programs that help employees balance work and family
  • Worksite health screening programs
  • Wellness activities including fitness challenges, classes, weight management programs, involvement in external fitness activities (charity walks, runs, etc.) and more

The Chamber recognizes that in order to promote a healthy, fit and fun workplace, it must provide financial resources to support the various wellness activities and programs. In addition, the Chamber understands that effective employer-sponsored activities help employees make lifestyle changes, including supportive social and physical environments that help employees maintain healthy behaviors.

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