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The Chamber Announces Support of Michigan Proposal 2: Promote the Vote

September 30, 2022

Following the ballot signature verification of the Right to Voting Policies Amendment, also known as Proposal 2, the Detroit Regional Chamber has elected to support the commonsense voting reform in the 2022 midterm elections.


Proposal 2 would make various changes to the Michigan Constitution to provide voters with the fundamental right to vote without harassment, interference, or intimidation. Further, it creates new rights worth mentioning:

  • Guaranteeing that military and overseas ballots postmarked by election day are counted
  • Codifies the existing, effective voter ID system into the Constitution protecting it from attacks by partisan politicians
  • Ensuring fair and equal access to drop boxes for all eligible voters in MI
  • Allowing for nine days of early voting
  • Requiring public disclosure of donations from private entities used to pay for elections or audits

These new rights support democratic norms, aligning with one of the Chamber’s 2022 legislative priorities.

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Breaking Down the Current Signature Verification Method

Currently if voters do not have an ID, they sign an affidavit (under penalty of perjury) and cast a ballot. Under this system, 99.8% of individuals show an ID, and in the rare instance where an ID is forgotten or lost, the affidavit option is a viable and secure option.

Under the alternative, failed initiatives, voters who do not have their photo ID or do not have it with them would receive a provisional ballot that would not be counted. To have their vote counted, a voter would need to bring their identification to their local clerk within days or their vote will not be counted. Because those ballots would not be counted, if at all, until later, it can change the perceived outcomes of close elections and create incentives to disallow votes.

Proposal 2 ensures the current, secure method for verifying voters identity, including its safeguard to protect the right to vote, remains in place in Michigan voting practice.

Chamber Perspective:

It has been proven time and time again that Michiganders overwhelmingly believe that voting is a right for all Americans. As a supporter of 2018’s Proposal 3: Promote the Vote, the Chamber believes a bipartisan approach that emphasizes protecting individuals’ right to vote and election integrity represents the consensus path forward. Therefore, the Chamber wholeheartedly supports Proposal 2.

Chamber Members: Join the Cause for Accessible Voting in Detroit

In an effort to help inform residents and empower them to participate in November’s election, the Detroit Regional Chamber, City of Detroit, and other partners are supporting Detroit Votes 2022. The goal of this effort is to encourage citizens to register and vote in the upcoming General Elections, in addition to making it more convenient for Detroiters to vote. Together, this joint effort between various organizations and the city of Detroit will encourage and facilitate voter participation.