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Employers Across Michigan Prepare for In-Person Return to Workspace

May 24, 2021
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May 23, 2021
Victor Wiliams

DETROIT – Michiganders can finally return to the office to work as of May 24. As companies start to make the transition of having employees come into the office, some businesses are making the transition slowly to make sure their workers feel safe.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally it’s time for the return to the office in the state of Michigan. Detroit Regional Chamber CEO, Sandy K. Baruah is hoping to make that transition as smooth as possible for all the businesses involved with the Chamber.

“One of the things that we’re telling our employers and our members to do is really ensure that the early days back in the office are comfortable for everybody,” said Baruah.

With a similar attitude in mind, Culture and Talent Vice President, Jennifer Dickey says the same will be happening at Cornerstone Community Financial Credit Union. So don’t expect to see too many businesses packed as if it’s the pre-COVID-era.

“It’s just, it’s really different than what you’ve seen before. Every department will look different. Some will have in the office schedules three days a week, still be working remotely two days a week, and like I said it’s a transition schedule,” said Dickey.

Both businesses are also deciding to take their time with their return to the office beginning in early to mid-June. But obviously, the adjustment will be a challenge for some who have been working remotely for over a year.

“Some workplaces, people are really anxious to get back to the office and some it’s just the opposite,” said Baruah.

“Some of them did really like it, but we also recognize that some of them were like, ‘We’d rather work in the office. We can’t work from here. We have three dogs,’” said Dickey.

And both companies will be working around the clock to ensure employees have the cleanest environment possible.

“We have hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes and Windex and paper towels all throughout the office and so we’re asking people once they do come back in, to ensure they clean their office space,” Baruah concluded.

MIOSHA rules have yet to be finalized about the dos and don’ts of the new workspace. In the meantime, some companies are looking at permanently allowing some employees to continue their job remotely.

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