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Black-Owned Online Coffee Shop Brings a Taste of Ethiopia to the Northwest Detroit Community

August 5, 2021
At the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2021 Detroit Policy Conference, the perseverance and future of small businesses in the Southeast Michigan region was a leading topic. Many local business owners spoke, sharing how they strategically navigated the challenges of the pandemic and what they project for the future of local small businesses. Small business vendors also showcased their products at the Detroit Small Business Street exhibit and shared their stories with the Chamber.

Many of the small businesses interviewed were Black-owned, and in recognition of National Black Business Month, the Chamber is sharing a series of blog posts to learn more about each business.

Faust Haus Roasting Co. took time to speak with the Chamber at the Conference. Faust Haus is an online spice artisanal coffee shop run by Derek English and his two daughters, Alyssa and Sophia. Although their shop runs online, their company is based in Northwest Detroit.

(From left to right) Alyssa, Sophia, and Derek English, owners of Detroit roasting company Faust Haus Roasting Co.

Faust Haus is not like other coffee roasting companies, according to English. Most coffee drinkers are familiar with standard roasting methods and flavors. At Faust Haus, their coffee is made in the traditional Ethiopian way, and Ethiopia is estimated to have more than 10,000 bean varieties that create a different taste for each coffee blend.

“A lot of people do not realize that coffee comes from Africa, Ethiopia specifically, so we do it in a more traditional Ethiopian way, and we spice our coffees. Each of our blends has a unique flavor profile—still distinctly coffee, but in a more romantic way if you will,” English said.

Faust Haus launched this year with only one blend, the Jebena. English said the Jebena blend consists of turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and their special roast. Recently, Faust Haus launched their next two blends, Mek’ele and Kayeni. The Mek’ele is made with wheat, clove and cinnamon, and the Kayeni is made with cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and chocolate. All three blends are available online, in 3- and 12-ounce packs. Faust Haus also offers monthly subscriptions for 20 ounces of any of their roasts.

Although English’s focus is on bringing a taste of Ethiopia to Northwest Detroit, he said they do not forget about giving back to the communities they are involved in and inspired by. Faust Haus donates 5% of all profits to aid refugees of the Ethiopian Tigray crisis who are fleeing to Sudan, as well as any other people in the area in need.

“That’s what we like to call, ‘You should feel good about the products that you serve’,” English said.

You can get a taste of Ethiopian coffee by purchasing Faust Haus blends on You can also keep up with the small business on Instagram. Watch their full interview with the Chamber here.